With summer around the corner, most families are itching to hit the beach. Taking the kids to the seashore is a great way for them to burn off steam and for the parents to unwind. However, the best part of the beach, the sun, is also the worse part if you are underprepared. The Umbrella Shop has all the summer beach essentials for the family, such as beach umbrellas, towels, and flip-flops. You can keep your kids safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays while looking fashionable.

Sun and Beach Umbrellas

The Umbrella Shop has competitive prices on all styles beach umbrellas. You can choose from the following styles of beach umbrellas for the family:

1) Beach Chair Umbrellas

These umbrellas have an adjustable clamp that fits most beach chairs. The umbrellas offer SPF 50 sun protection and 48 inches of shade protection.

2) Sun Storm Umbrellas

Looking for an umbrella with more sun protection? These sun storm umbrellas offer 90 SPF, and have a vented, windproof design. These are perfect for a day at the beach with infants or toddlers.

3) Canopy Beach Umbrella

Canopy beach 50 SPF umbrellas from the Umbrella Shop come in two sizes, 78 and 72 inches. Both sizes have adjustable shafts to easily set up your umbrella. These umbrellas also come with a cross pin screw system for anchoring them to the sand. The cross-pin screw combined with the vented umbrella design means that you will never have to worry about your umbrella blowing away.

4) Cloud Canopy Umbrella

These umbrellas come with fewer frills than the others, but they are perfect for a low-key day at the beach. These umbrellas offer 42” of shade protection and have an auto-open shaft.

Beach Towels and Flip Flops

Stock up on all your beach essentials at the Umbrella Shop. Our beach towels are available in several stylish designs and come in a variety of sizes. You can shop for beach towels for the entire family at the Umbrella Shop.

Never wear uncomfortable flip-flops again. The sporty flip flops from the Umbrella Shop have a comfortable 1” toe strap and are made from a lightweight EVA material.

The Umbrella Shop has all the beach accessories you need to make your day out a success. You can outfit the entire family in towels, umbrellas, and flip-flops at the Umbrella Shop.