Kids change their minds on what is considered “cool” at the drop of a hat. One minute Silly Bandz were the fashion accessory that every child needed, and the next the company fell into obscurity. Thankfully, an accessory like an umbrella rarely goes out of fashion. The Umbrella Shop has umbrella prints in all hundreds of styles and patterns. Your child can find their perfect umbrella at the Umbrella Shop.

Top Trendy Umbrellas

The Umbrella Shop has the latest trendy umbrellas in stock. We have umbrella prints ranging from black polka dots to fashion florals and everything in between. Our umbrellas come in various colors, so you can purchase multiples to match various jackets or other accessories.

Go Light with a Mini Compact Umbrella

Another name for a parent should be a pack mule. As a parent, you are stuck carrying most of your child’s belongings during an outing. A large, bulky umbrella can be inconvenient, especially if you are already carrying your umbrella around. The Umbrella Shop has a vast selection of compact mini umbrellas to choose from. Our mini umbrellas fold down to 42 inches and can be stored in a trendy carrying case.

Always Keep a Rain Poncho Handy

Sometimes rain happens when we least expect it. Having your family get soaked during a sporting event or outdoor hike can ruin your day. Keeping an emergency pack of rain ponchos in the car is a great safety net for pop-up storms. Our rain ponchos at the Umbrella Shop come in various weights, depending on the season. Choose a lightweight rain poncho for summer storms and a heavyweight poncho for chilly fall rain.

The rain ponchos are one size fits most for adults and will fit kids ages 10 and up. These rain ponchos are also better for the environment because they are not a throwaway product. These rain ponchos are designed with sustainability in mind. They are durable enough to be reused at later times. Simply dry your poncho before storing it for each re-use in the future.

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We have the best umbrellas for kids at the Umbrella Shop. Not only do we have hundreds of trendy umbrella styles to choose from, but we also have rain ponchos and rain jackets available. Keep your kid dry and fashionable with an umbrella from the Umbrella Shop.