Umbrellas are like shoes. Everyone has a particular style that fits them best. When it comes to choosing an umbrella, you have many options. Picking the first umbrella that you come across may not be the best fit for you. Thankfully, the Umbrella Shop has hundreds of umbrellas in stock, and we are sure to have the perfect style for you.

Current Umbrella Styles

Umbrellas come in a variety of styles, depending on their purpose and functionality:

  1. Sun Umbrellas

The sun’s harmful UV rays are responsible for early signs of aging, such as wrinkles, and skin conditions, such as melanoma. Choosing a sun umbrella that offers SPF protection is an extra layer of protection for your skin. At The Umbrella Shop, we have umbrella options up to SPF 90+.

  1. Beach Umbrellas

Are you ready to take the family for a fun-filled day at the beach? It’s all fun and games at the beach until someone winds up with a sunburn. Keep those harmful UV rays away with a beach umbrella from the Umbrella Shop. We have oversized 78-inch canopy umbrellas that are large enough to provide shade for the entire family. If you prefer to soak up the rays alone, we also have you covered with our clamp-on beach chair umbrellas.

  1. Rain Ponchos

Sometimes an umbrella is not the best option for keeping out of the rain. Umbrellas are hard to hold onto if your hands are full or if you are sitting in a stadium watching the big game of the season. During these times, don a rain poncho from the Umbrella Shop. We have lightweight, mediumweight, and heavyweight ponchos available to provide year-round protection. Our rain ponchos are not one-time-use items, making them better for the environment.

  1. Sports Umbrella

Show support for your favorite major league baseball team with an umbrella. The Umbrella Shop has custom designs available for all the major league baseball teams. The umbrellas and the umbrella carrying case are designed with the team’s logo. We have these umbrellas available in both oversized and mini options.

Be sure to select your umbrella based on your needs. A traveling businessman and a family headed out to the beach will need two completely different umbrellas. If you are unsure of which umbrella best suits your needs, check out our inventory at the Umbrella Shop. We have an umbrella for everyone.