Although it seems like Christmas was just yesterday, we are already into Major League Baseball season. The opening pitch at the first MLB game of the season at the Yankee Stadium was met with excitement and enthusiasm. MLB fans flock to the stadiums annually to support their favorite teams. In 2021, over 45.3 million fans attended Major League Baseball games throughout the season. Show your support for your home team by purchasing a baseball umbrella from the Umbrella Shop.

Umbrellas Available for all Teams

Nothing would make watching a baseball game less enjoyable than sitting in the rain. You should not consider attending a major league baseball game without an umbrella supporting your favorite team. A team umbrella is both functional and fashionable.

The Umbrella Shop has umbrellas available for all 30 major league baseball teams. From the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Washington Nationals and all teams in between, the Umbrella Shop has you covered.

Variety of Styles Available

Baseball is a sport best enjoyed with the family.  Although you might be able to tough out a light drizzle, your kids might be a different story. The Umbrella Shop has a variety of styles available based on your needs. For the younger fans, the Umbrella Shop offers mini umbrellas with clip-on handles. This will keep your kid’s umbrella swordfights to a minimum in the stands and prevent you from having to chase down a rogue umbrella.

You can also choose to skip the mini umbrella altogether and opt to purchase an oversized team umbrella. The oversized umbrella will draw attention to your team emblem and keep your entire family dry.

If umbrellas are not your style, you can opt for a stylish rain poncho instead. Rain ponchos are less disruptive to your neighbors in the stands and incredibly portable. The Umbrella Shop offers both medium-weight and heavyweight team ponchos, depending on your local climate. These rain ponchos are built to last and are not designed for one-time use. They are built from 100% waterproof Phthalate Free PVC, and come with a hand-stitched hood. Keep plastic out of the landfill by purchasing high-quality umbrellas and rain ponchos from the Umbrella Shop.

The Umbrella Shop has umbrellas available for all major league baseball teams. Show your support in the stadium this season with a team umbrella or stadium rain poncho.