Summer memories are best made at family BBQ’s, camping trips, and baseball games. However, nothing ruins childhood memories faster than a summer rainstorm. Summer showers could pop up out of nowhere and put a damper on your baseball game. However, the Umbrella Shop has several styles of rain ponchos available to make your family outing a success.

Lightweight Rain Ponchos for the Summer

Rain ponchos are the Umbrella Shop has available in three different styles, lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight. The lightweight rain ponchos are ideal for summer rainstorms because they are thin and comfortable. The rain ponchos feature a coverage area of 52 x 86 inches, making it one size fits most. The ponchos have a hood to keep your styled hair dry as well. Since these ponchos come in a variety of colors, you can support your favorite sports team by wearing their colors!

Rain Ponchos for the Entire Family

Not only are rain ponchos easy to transport, but they are also easy to cover the entire family. Rather than lugging around heavy rain jackets for every member of the family, simply use a family pack of rain ponchos from the Umbrella Shop. Our family packs of rain ponchos come with 4 lightweight ponchos that will fit most kids ages 10 and up. This family pack is easy to throw in the bottom of your purse or leave in the trunk of your car for a rainy day.

Handstitched Rain Ponchos

Not only does the Umbrella Shop feature lightweight rain ponchos, but we also have high-quality rain ponchos that are meant to be reused. Our handstitched rain ponchos have drawstring closures at the neck and sides to ensure that no rain gets through. These rain ponchos are better suited for fall football games because they are on the heavier side.

Rain Jackets

Not every rainstorm can be waited out with a rain poncho. For the worst summer storms, use a rain jacket from the Umbrella Shop. Our rain jackets come in a variety of colors and styles. They feature vents for breathability and tend to run big so you can wear them over clothing.

Weekend ball games are no longer a bust when the rain starts up. Simply turn to a rain poncho or rain jacket from the Umbrella Shop to keep your family comfortable and dry. Visit the Umbrella Shop to view our full selection of rain ponchos available.