Do not let yourself get caught using last season’s umbrellas. With spring in full swing, rain showers are almost guaranteed in the forecast. Keep yourself dry and fashionable with a trendy umbrella from the Umbrella Shop. We stock all the latest trendy umbrellas so you never have to worry about being behind on the latest fashion trend. Be the talk of the office when you walk in using one of our uniquely stylish umbrellas.

Fashion Umbrella Prints

Our umbrellas come in a variety of prints so that you can choose the umbrella that best represents you. You should not be confined to the boring prints available at the standard department stores. The Umbrella Shop has unique and trendy umbrellas for the entire family. With hundreds of umbrellas to choose from, you can find something at the Umbrella Shop for everyone.

The fashion umbrellas come in a matching design case so that you are stylish even when you are not using your umbrella. Treat the umbrella case as a fashion accessory, and only purchase the best from the Umbrella Shop.

Mini Fashion Umbrellas

We offer a selection of full-sized and mini fashion umbrellas. Not everyone has the space in their purse to carry around a full-sized umbrella. Our mini umbrellas are compact and easy to store away. The standard mini umbrella folds down to 11.5”, whereas a standard full-sized umbrella folds to 16”. Our smallest umbrella can compact down to 6” tall, while still providing 38” of coverage from the elements. Whether you want to go big or go compact, the Umbrella Shop has a vast selection of umbrellas to choose from.

Both of our mini and full-sized umbrellas come with auto-open features. An auto-open umbrella means that you do not have to fidget with the shaft to get it to open. With the press of a button, your umbrella will spring to life. This saves you time and hassle in getting your umbrella open when your hands are full.

Check Out Our Selection of Trendy Umbrellas

Do not let yourself get caught in another spring rainstorm without an umbrella. Ruining your hair and your outfit is a guaranteed way to put a damper on your day. Visit the Umbrella Shop to see our full selection of fashion umbrellas available. We have access to the latest fashion umbrellas that will let you stand out as the individual that you are.